Roberta Moore

Operations Manager

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Riversun operations manager Roberta Moore has only ever worked for one company since she left school.

Since joining Riversun when her son was starting school, she has worked her way from a seasonal worker right through the company to become one of our leaders.

“Riversun is challenging, stimulating and offers everything that I enjoy,” she says. “There is opportunity after opportunity if you want to work hard and it is a company that encourages empowerment – they are not just growing excellence in vines, but also in their people.”

Roberta says while the company sailed through stormy waters in 2008, it came with opportunity for those who stuck it out.

“I learnt all aspects of the operation and now am au fait with every part because I have worked throughout it.”

With the exception of sales, marketing and finance, Roberta's role involves managing all Riversun's operations.

For half the year she carries a large team, with the remainder focusing more on the growing side.

The biggest challenges she faces are the complexities that grape vines bring.

“No two days are the same around here – and every day can bring new challenges.”

But she enjoys it and says it is always stimulating.

“I love what I do,” she says. “You have to love it to be this long with one company. I enjoy getting out of bed every morning to come to work. I still have so much to learn – and that’s got to be good!”

When she’s not working, Roberta is more than likely spending time with her family.

“Work and family – that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.”

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