Pricing information

Riversun vines meet and/or exceed the NZ Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard (NZW GGS) wherever possible.

Dormant vines for delivery Winter/Spring 2019 and 2020

Prices start from $5.75 + GST per vine - volume discounts may apply:

# Vines Ordered

Standard Clones

1- 25,000

$      5.75

25,001 - 100,000

$      5.60

100,001 - 250,000

$      5.40

250,001 +

$      5.30



Payment terms

  • For vines contracted prior to December year of grafting - $1.75 per vine deposit due on contract signing
  • For vines contracted from December to delivery - $2.50 per vine deposit due on contract signing
  • Balance due 20th September year of delivery or 7 days after delivery (whichever comes first)
  • ENTAV-INRA® and Premium Import vines incur a $0.40 per vine royalty payment and a $0.50 per vine quarantine fee
  • ENTAV-INRA® and Premium Import vines are only available in commercial quantities

Please note that orders under 50 vines incur a $50.00 administration fee and freight is not included.

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NZ Pinot Noir

New Zealand Pinot Noir punches well above its weight when it comes to quality.

Sustainability in business

Riversun kicked off an organic based programme in 2012, achieving carboNZero certification in April 2019.

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