Existing Vineyards

Battling the grass grub

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Over the past few years, I have encountered patches of poor growth in vineyards stretching from Hawkes Bay down to Central Otago. After considering the usual issues (including water availability, weed competition, plant nutrition, and so on), I started examining the vines’ root systems and found high numbers of grass grubs in the affected areas.

Vine density and vine balance

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Throughout New Zealand’s short history of grape growing, this subject has generated
some serious debate. Economics, rather than fruit quality or vine longevity, seem to have driven most spacing decisions, but a more useful discussion might examine the ways in which those issues intersect.

Yield estimates: getting it right

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In the current climate, wine companies and vineyard owners are demanding accurate yield estimates. As vineyard managers, we need to articulate whatever procedure is in place and ensure that the owner and winemaker understand it, since a number of critical decisions hinge on the yield estimate.



Teaching vineyard to become Pinot Noir showcase

Otago Polytechnic’s Central campus Viticulture students planted 240 Pinot Noir grapevines in the polytech’s Cromwell vineyard.

TV1's Rural Delivery

Riversun Nursery featured on TV1's Rural Delivery in July 2017.

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